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Terms & Conditions

Connect Firm keeps transparent dealing with the clients that favourable and acceptable to all in various situations.


  • Connect Firm implies independent contract with clients that is lawful
  • Both parties should agree upon the terms before the commencement of the services that includes charges as well.
  • In case of cancellation or transferring the services to another agency you need to acknowledge us at least 1 week ago.
  • The right to subcontract with third party service provider for completing services has been reserved by Connect Firm.
  • Any party who is not a party to the contract is incapable to have any rights relating to this contract.


  • The clients will be liable to pay 50% of the billable amount of the services in advance at the commencement of the work and remaining 50% would be paid within 10 days of implementing the services date if they are agreed upon a fixed quote.
  • Clients will get their invoice on the regular basis of month.
  • Connect Firm reserves the right to terminate clients services if they fail to pay monthly charges due and on a prior notice of 3 days.


  • Connect Firm will not be accused off any indirect or consequential losses of clients that occurs for delay delivering obligated service , where natural or ungovernable incidents cause delays.
  • Connect Firm will not be liable for presenting the material and any losses of profit, status or any business asset that happens for the nature of content being publicized in digital media.


  • Only official written communication will validate waiver to the clients while terms and conditions are followed.
  • Connect Firm will not permit waivers and clients will be liable for any of the obligations mentioned in the terms and conditions if we fail to your srict requirements in terms of contract's terms and policy.

Privacy Policy

  • Clients informations (name, email, contact number, website URL)that we get from the contact form will be kept safe and not be revealed to a third party, without the consent of clients.Connect Firm also kept your informations secret to its employee.
  • We use Cookies for optimizing our site and browsing information through collecting data from you.

Connect Firm

Connect Firm may be the digital marketing firm that helps your business to achieve the goals.We appreciate your initiative of spending money and time by giving opportunity to us to help you in this tough competitive market.And we will be there always to deliver our best services with regarding deadlines and quality of services.

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